Sweet Child O’ Mine Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Guns N’ Roses – Intro – Slash

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Very Good.. Teach me men !

  2. SomeRandomDude

    how long did it take you guys to learn it? me about 3 weeks not perfectly but good enough

  3. Thank you. Very nicely done. You are an excellent teacher.

  4. Beyond Limits Productions

    GL365 …..the best accurate lessons today ! I learned the proper way to finger this lick thanks to you…Always wanted to learn that part to get the song started. You make it more tolerable to want to learn old and new songs Thank You for your efforts !

  5. this vid helped a lot thanks, i love guns and roses

  6. I was donated an electric guitar in mint condition a couple years ago, yesterday I was thinking about throwing it away but I loved guns and roses so I tried to play a song, I got lost in your video but I used some of the notes and figured out on my own from there how to play the rift, and I fell in love with my guitar, thanks dude

  7. Nice

  8. Yeti Vanmarshall

    I suggest everyone who watches this go to guitar center and play the intro for an hour straight. The employee's and customers will love you!

  9. May i know your guitar string merk

  10. Yo Boy Andersonn

    You can play this on standard tuning just one fret down and it sounds like the actual recording 😉

  11. i get 2 song from this channel sweet child o mine and california cation . i played 1 song per 1 week . soo this is better than iam paying

  12. Great vid man loved it can you please do days if the new touch peel and stand

  13. joshua escobar

    Guns N' Roses on a strat?

  14. how do i get my amp to sound like that bass, treble, tone, gain, pedal? I can play this fine but I just cant make it sound like the song.I have an amp that imitates other amps isthat the problem? its a champion fender

  15. Do you have the tab??

  16. siddharth anbalagan

    Did you use a distorted guitar or pedal?



  18. Neal Montgomery

    Thanks for the lesson. Even though I have to transfer these notes to my instrument, you made this REALLY easy. I can't seem to pick up these songs from the full speed videos and I can't seem to find tablature for the songs I want to learn 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYeB-2bmJfc

  19. easy way to learning process… very clear concept.

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