Sweet Child O Mine INTRO Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Guns N Roses Slash

Sweet Child O Mine INTRO Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Guns N Roses Slash

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  1. At 5:03 i completly fell of.
    Idk if its because of my lack of english knowledge but I have no idea what he is doing here; also I havent turned my guitar down so I have to play on one down, ahhhh hell

  2. thank you very much….top!!

  3. Thank for this dude

    Having trouble with ending bit since I can’t see which finger is moving and which fret number

    I’ll figure it out on the tabs lol

  4. Coniza Fabillar

    Andy can you teach us how to play yyz by rush will you please play the complete demo thanks… Andy

  5. Harrison Ollier Hobbies

    andy, u make learning new songs very fun. keep up the good work and keep rockin'! 🙂

  6. cool video but u should put a picture where to pluck it

  7. Which guitar does he have??

  8. How do you do the ending?

  9. Amp. Setting. Please

  10. will this work on acoustic?

  11. title should be "how to get kicked out of guitar center"

  12. i thought you were Piewdie Pie. hahaha

  13. thank you

  14. favourite riff thanks andy

  15. the best tutorial thanks

  16. which is d best brand electric guitar for beginner?

  17. THANK YOU. Really helpful

  18. wowwwwwwwww boring

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