Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd *INTRO* + ALL Riffs // Electric Guitar Lesson

SWEET HOME ALABAMA – EASY ACOUSTIC TUTORIAL HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2zVlXB-_U8

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  1. Perfect for me as I'm just trying to master my first song on the guitar!

  2. Hey! Can you make a tutorial on Leaving Hogwarts tune?

  3. Bro I was sat with my girlfriend watching Buy It Now on channel 4… and I swear to god, she was like wtf whenever I started saying I recognised someone from the audience. Then it hit me… it’s Andy Guitar and he’s watching a dude pitch a dog brush!

  4. Thanks Andy. Part 2 sounds good
    Great lesson.

  5. I gotta get myself one of theese guitars

  6. Hi andy, do you think you could do a freebird solo tutorial?? You made sweet home Alabama seem fairly simple!

  7. Thanks for another great tutorial. Could you pls share the amp settings?

  8. Sorry for interrupting Electric but can you do a tutorial on "Could I love you Anymore" by Jason Mraz please

  9. Thank you so much Mr.Andy for these tutorials! You are my first, and the best guitar teacher❤️❤️

  10. This was great, also love the merch! Any chance you can do any Sum 41 tutorials?

  11. Andy im the first viewer , please , do greenday holiday or oh love covers with your band as your band programme has inspired me to take a some of my friends and make a student band . My voice matches billy joe's so we want to do green day covers . You are a real hero , due to your ten day starter course , i stuck to guitar and im playing lie shows just after 4 months of being a beginner

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