System Of A Down – Chop Suey – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is a guitar lesson on how to play “Chop Suey” by “System Of A Down” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and…I am available for studio session work and touring…­­­­­­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel.Be sure to watch for my official website coming in 2014 and become a “Premium Member” .
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  1. Do Happy? by MuDvAyNe

  2. is it so fckin hard to write the fckin strumming ?

  3. are u high man, lol ?

  4. Anyone know exactly how many downs and ups?

  5. Do synapse from bysh

  6. Hey Mike, can you please do a song tutorial on how to play 'Bad Girl' by Avril Lavigne and Marylin Manson?

  7. Great tutorial, any chance u can do the rest of this song?

  8. LegitBananaForever HQ

    Nice tut…. But to much distortion.

  9. to the guy below me. just use your first and second finger to do so

  10. So I can't bar the E and A strings with out muting the others :[ How do I go about fixing this issue? Pleeeease help!

  11. Mike man you should do lullaby for a sadist by korn amazing song 

  12. More SOAD!

  13. Fleece (Booty warrior)

    how do you know we're drinking when we accept that we need help learning guitar.

  14. Can you please do a lesson on hand of doom by black sabbath im having a really hard time with the solo

  15. Can you please cover " Lost in Hollywood"
    – by System of a Down

  16. parker fly

  17. What brand of guitar is that?

  18. What does it mean to drop C on my tuning??

  19. i would suggest you learn those thing (especially chords since they are a huge part of guitat), learn to read tabs, they are really easy to learn, and after you master open chords learn barre chords (they are the hard ones

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