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Ghost – Guitar Lesson: Dance Macabre (Acoustic)

As seen in the video ‘The Tunnel – Dance Macabre (live). Tuning – D Standard as always. Aether uses a 12 string so it may not sound exactly the same but this IS what they play. No tabs – would take too long, Just use those eyes and get a blank tab sheet at hand to jot stuff down if ...

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Last Dance With Mary Jane guitar lesson – Tom Petty

Try our 30 day trial for just .99 Learn faster with a structured lesson plan Get the tab – https://centerstagetabs.com/product/last-dance-with-mary-jane/ Last Dance With Mary Jane is an easy tune to mimic using just a handful of open chords. Can easily be played on electric and acoustic. However, to learn it exactly as recorded is a little more difficult. There are ...

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