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Easy Rhythm Guitar Lesson (in Drop D Tuning) – MicroLesson ML035

In this week’s MicroLesson, you’ll learn an easy rhythm that’s played in Drop D tuning. This is something that you can learn and incorporate into your own playing whether that be improvising or writing music. To view the on-screen tab viewer and download the tablature for this lesson (includes strum patterns), visit https://www.activemelody.com/microlesson/microlesson-035-drop-d-rhythm-guitar-lesson/ Video Rating: / 5

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Easy Acoustic guitar lesson learn Double Drop D Alternate Tuning create music songs learn chords

http://www.nextlevelguitar.com/alternate_tuning_set/ Click this link to check out our seven DVD course on Alternate tunings. These alternate tunings open up a new world of chord voicings and musical textures that inspire new ways of thinking about and creating music – and we show you how! Over 8.5 hours of lessons where you can achieve a richness of sound and new-found complexity ...

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