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Bass Lesson 1 – Right Hand Technique – Part 1 – Beginner

If you like reggae, check out my newly released album! https://jjesusmusic.bandcamp.com/ If you like it, please buy it as a sign of your support, so that I can keep on making more videos and music! Considering your bass is in tune, this is where you should start! This LESSON 1 for beginners is divided in 3 parts: Part 1 – ...

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Posture Picks and Proper Hand Placement – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson vid shows you how to utilize PROPER Posture; Pick Technique and Hand Placement to vastly improve your guitar skills! It shows you the chords, technique and style. Go to http://www.yourguitarsage.com/ to find out how to get charts to 100’s of your favorite songs, as well as info about my ebook and online instructional resources about charts, chords, ...

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Beginning Guitar Lesson-Basic Right Hand Picking Techniques

In this lesson you will learn the most commonly used right hand picking techniques for playing acoustic or electric guitar. Guitar 101 is a series of lessons for the absolute beginner guitar player, you can find the rest of the lesson series when you go to DANMANS.COM where you will also find hundreds of song video lessons for the guitar.

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