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How To Play Reggae Guitar with TUFF LION

TUFF LION IS NOW AVAILABLE TO GIVE LESSONS WORLD WIDE USING SKYPE. CONTACT TUFF HERE: tfflion0@gmail.com Tuff Lion website: www.tufflion.com A brief instructional video about many of the subtleties of playing reggae guitar with Tuff Lion (accompanied by Matt Jenson.) Matt Jenson website: www.mattjenson.com www.liquidrevolution.net

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Acoustic Reggae Guitar Lesson – How to Play a Reggae Guitar Rhythm

Get early access to the TABS, exclusive tutorials and other awesome supporter perks at http://www.patreon.com/swiftlessons Fun Reggae guitar lesson for players of varying levels. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to navigate through a basic 1.4.5 progression in Gmaj, and then how to apply percussive rakes, short staccato strums, and bassnotes for a nice reggae feel for solo acoustic ...

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Beginner Acoustic Reggae Guitar Lesson – How to Play a Reggae Guitar Rhythm

Click here for FREE Beginner Guitar Training Video Series with strumming tips & more : http://www.guitarjamz.com/new_requests/ The lessons are taught by Marty Schwartz, one of the most popular guitar teachers online anywhere.  Why so popular?  Simple: He keeps it FUN and shocks beginners by showing them how to play complete songs faster than they thought possible.  Hundreds of thousands of ...

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