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Easy Rhythm Guitar Lesson (in Drop D Tuning) – MicroLesson ML035

In this week’s MicroLesson, you’ll learn an easy rhythm that’s played in Drop D tuning. This is something that you can learn and incorporate into your own playing whether that be improvising or writing music. To view the on-screen tab viewer and download the tablature for this lesson (includes strum patterns), visit https://www.activemelody.com/microlesson/microlesson-035-drop-d-rhythm-guitar-lesson/ Video Rating: / 5

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Beginner Lesson: Tuning Your Bass

This lesson will teach you two different ways to tune an electric bass guitar. First we will learn how to use an electronic tuner to get each string in tune. This is the method you will want to use when playing along with other musicians or recorded music. Then Russ will show you how to tune your bass using harmonics. ...

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Easy Acoustic guitar lesson learn Double Drop D Alternate Tuning create music songs learn chords

http://www.nextlevelguitar.com/alternate_tuning_set/ Click this link to check out our seven DVD course on Alternate tunings. These alternate tunings open up a new world of chord voicings and musical textures that inspire new ways of thinking about and creating music – and we show you how! Over 8.5 hours of lessons where you can achieve a richness of sound and new-found complexity ...

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