Take a Walk On The Wild Side Bass – Bass line – Lou Reed

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Learn how to play Take a Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed on bass guitar.
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  1. Wonderful tutorial. Thanks.

  2. Talk About Strange - Podcast/Radio

    Oh this is how you give an online lesson? Very helpful and fast. Many thanks!!

  3. man that bass is fuckin SICK

  4. Awesome song! The bass part has always been among my favourite parts of the song. While I hear the electric guitar parts of the song, it's not so obvious. At least to me, it's not so obvious.

  5. Herbie has more a port mento swing feel to the upright bass part.

  6. Very nice lesson, thank you! But you are wrong in the making of the record: a studio musician, Brit named Herbie Flowers played those lines and here explained what he did. (look for "Walk On The Wild Side – The story behind the classic bass intro featuring Herbie Flowers). First played the double bass, and then overdubbed the electric bass. All in 20 minutes for 24 pounds. (12 pounds per song, but if you play two tracks it doubles 🙂 Without ever knowing what's the song about, before any singing or lyrics. Genius.

  7. Sounds pretty and relaxing. Thumbs up.

  8. Thanks! This is one of the better demos I've seen for this bass line. Just one thing… On the album Herbie Flowers plays and overdubs BOTH parts on bass. There is NO guitar on that line. The bottom line is on upright acoustic bass, the upper line is a Fender electric bass, a Jazz Bass I believe. The only guitar is Lou and maybe one other guy strumming chords.

  9. Nicely done. There is a video on Youtube interviewing the man who played it, Herbie Flowers, where he plays it and explains that it was an upright acoustic bass on the low notes and a Fender electric bass taking the high parts.

  10. I don't think it was a bass guitar, I think it was a cello.

  11. Ok Try this: Pluck a two note C 10th double stop, 8th fret on E string plus 9th fret on the G string.

    Next hammer on (C 8th fret) with your left index finger and simultaneously tap and hold down the G string at the 9th fret (E) with your right index finger tip…

    Now, sliding both hands in opposite directions, left index finger down the E string to low F (1st fret), press and slide right index finger tip up the G string to A (14th fret) and the moment it arrives, hold it there and pluck the E string with your right thumb so that that the high A and low F ring simultaneously

    Next, hammer on the low F (1st fret E string), tap and hold a high C (17th fret G string with right index finger) and slide your finger tip back down the G string to the 9th fret E whilst simultaneously sliding your left index finger back up the E string to the original C 10th position you started with at the 8th fret… remembering to pluck the E string once again with your thumb when it arrives. Sweet

    Repeat until sounding smoooooth!

  12. Thanks for such a complete explanation!

  13. Such a great bass part. The doubled bass part is just a bass guitar along with the double bass.

  14. Nice video!!

  15. Great video mab

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