Note for note GUITAR TUTORIAL on TAKE THE A – TRAIN Chord Melody style. Guitar chords + melody at once. TABS + Playalong

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In this guitar lesson I’m going to teach you the jazz standard Take The A Train by Billy Strayhorn and made

famous by Duke Ellington.
I made a chord melody arrangement for guitar, that I consider intermediate level.
I’ll be teacing you all the Take The A Train guitar chords along with the melody, which when played simultaniously is called chord melody. So if you ever wanted to know how to play Take The A Train on guitar this is the perfect guitar lesson for you.

What makes this song so unique is the use of the D9#11 chord. This is a chord derived from the melodic minor scale, which wasn-t used a lot back in the old Swing / Big Band era days. Billy Strayhorn was the first to use this mixolydian #11 scale and it’s famous chord.

I’ve also included the famous Take the A Train Intro and transcribed it for guitar.

I’ve also made backing tracks so you can immideatly play along to Take The A Train. And of course, as I always do, I made the Take the A Train guitar tab too, which you can download from one of the links in this description box.

To sum it up, in this Take the A Train guitar tutorial you’ll learn:
* How to play the Guitar chords
* The chord progression, respectivly the chord changes
* The guitar comping is also automaticly included if you let go of the melody and just play the gutiar chords
* And of course the chord melody arrangement.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂


  1. Sooo niceeee!

  2. Sir Pickles Presents

    This is one of those songs which sounds Christmassy yet can be played all year around. Great video as always Sandra.

  3. As usual: great lesson and what a standard!

  4. Sandra, is “Article 13” (copywriter infringement issue up for vote) going to force you off of You Tube? I’m panicked!

  5. … bin seit gefühlten 300Jahren Rockgitarrist und langsam, langsam kommt mir die jazz Gitarre näher – dank dieser unglaublichen Lehrerin …

  6. You are the best! Thanks so much. Will you ever get around to Thelonious Monk "Round Midnight"

  7. Hi o thank you for these notes, and backing tracks.

    Now we practice the fingers "bleeding" ha ha ha.

    Thanks from Sweden


  8. You are the best jazz guitar teacher on YouTube by a long way Sandra. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  9. What a wonderful surprise, a new video!!

  10. I'd ride a dilapidated old bus, a beatup clunker Model T, or the A train to wherever Sandra Claus is giving away tutorials! She's fantastic!

  11. Greetings from NY, home of the "A" Train ( although I grew up taking the "D" Train). Thank you for this and all of your lessons. I give them all an "A"!

  12. Otra gran lección y otro gran standard, en el que has tenido el detalle de no olvidar incluir la fantástica intro que otros omiten en sus lecciones. Muchas gracias Sandra!!

  13. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Sehr gut gemacht!

  14. Nice Lesson! I like it.

  15. Nice one Sandra and have a great Christmas.You deserve it.Cheers and best wishes….

  16. almost missed that train… I like the song and your lesson… thanks

  17. You`re crazy talented!

  18. Oh yasssss!!! Been waiting for this one for so long. Now my favorite YT teacher popped up on my phone with this. Grrrrreat!!!

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