Talladega – Eric Church (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

Matt’s beginner DVD’s are now available at discounted prices! Talladega is the latest fun to play hit by Eric Church. .The chords are C, G, Em and D throughout the verses and chorus. The timing is 2 beats per chord. Checkout http://www.countrysongteacher.com for all my lessons and the DVD’s.
God bless!


  1. Please teach “Guys Like Me” by Eric Church

  2. Go Hokies!

  3. Diego Victor da Silva

    Show what your doing on strumming

  4. Diego Victor da Silva

    How are you doing the D chord?

  5. is it just me or does hammering chords make you look allot better you really are. cuz I've only been playing a year and pretty much only play open chords but I had so much flare into those open chords by hammering I sound like John Mayer whenever I play LOL not really

  6. Hi can you please do mister misunderstood

  7. Patrick Pellerin

    What strumming pattern are you using

  8. Wonder wall chords!

  9. HOKIES!!!!!!!! hell ya man!

  10. The_official_ela Main

    I love how he put God in his video gratulation's

  11. you're an awesome teacher thanks man

  12. anyone know the strumming pattern?

  13. Nice background picture man – GO HOKIES! Oh, and thanks for the instructions man – perfect!

  14. Hey Matt! My favorite teacher!! Please check out my couple videos on my channel… I'm still learning but would really appreciate it! Thanks & God Bless!

  15. Same singing tune, little harder chords but It sounds a little better: Capo 1; F, C, Am, G

  16. Why in the world does is show that i commented so many times ? Sorry bout that . I dont no what happened there .

  17. Hey could you do luke bryan what country is ? Im kinda surprised you havent already . Thanks for all your lessons . You have helped me alot .

  18. Great playing easy to understand Thanks

  19. Hey! Congrats on the baby! I just found you and I decided to subscribe, I just started paying guitar and I really only know the A, D, and E cord so far

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