Tammy Guitar Lesson 13 – finger style checkup, transcribing and other bits.

See the series and get lesson notes here: https://www.justinguitar.com/modules/tammys-lessons
This is Tammy’s 13 lesson – we check up on fingerstyle, chat transcribing and the finger gym – this lesson was back in early December 2019 but took a while to get out cos well, I misplaced the video files. She’s overdue a lesson, we both been busy – so she’ll be back soon!

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  1. Steve Earle – Goodbye is a great finger style song to learn. I’m having great fun with it just now

  2. Yay, Tammy's back. I thought her lessons had finished and you just hadn't told us. Now all we need is a new Captain's Privates and it'll be perfect February 🙂

    Tammy is progressing very nicely. Any more movement on her song she was writing and you did the recording session of? I'd love to hear a finished version of that, especially if there was fingerstyle worked into it maybe.

    Real Time Edit: As I was typing this you covered it at the end. Great to hear that song is still in the works.

  3. Yay! She’s back! Really missed this series. So helpful and inspiring!

  4. Hes a really great tuitor, I really wish I could find the time to practice. 🙁

  5. Reminds me of Bob ross: We don't make mistakes, we have happy little accidents

  6. Cool to see these. Didn't know about this series til now. I notice you don't use thumbpics. Is it better to learn without for technique first?

  7. Shahriar Teymoorinia

    I love this series Justin, but if you’re reading the comments I don’t think that this is a very efficient way to learn. With captain it was kinda okay because he knew what he wanted to play and what he needed was some tips on what to practice to get there. But Tammy is almost an absolute beginner and just showing her and telling her what to do is gonna be a really slow process. What she needs is solid practice material, like tabs, or books and five minutes a day really isn’t enough for some of the stuff you’re giving her. I didn’t have a teacher and I’m not talented or anything, but I think by this time I had learned all of the the major scale caged patterns and how to move between them and improvise a bit, and several fingerstyle patterns and I was really comfortable playing some fingerstyle songs in front of other people, with hammer ons and pull offs and using third finger and all. now you’re a GREAT teacher and I’ve personally learned a lot from you, and if someone knows what they want to learn they could really benefit from your lessons. But I think what Tammy needs at this stage is a bit of a push from you as well as some written material to practice, so she’ll be able to start from page 1 and practice it over and over until it’s perfect and then move on to the next one, instead of your five minutes a day method which I personally think is more suited to stuff like warming up, stretches, strength and technique.

  8. What’s the name of the fingerstyle song she’s playing in the beginning? And…what’s the make of the guitar?

  9. travis picking. always fun.how about a classical piece? she could do it.

  10. Yaaaa she's back.

  11. She doesn’t have to look at her fingers during chord changes anymore. Coming along well

  12. oh wow, she is back, that's a nice surprise for the weekend!

  13. Muting with fingerstyle is not easy. I think I'll just keep my fingerstyle songs the way they are and write new, quieter songs with muting.

  14. F me he knows his stuff.

  15. “It’s been 84 years…”

  16. I love this series thank you. You are an inspirational teacher. Is lee Anderton’s going to continue with his series too. I miss these. Thank you!

  17. Nice to see Tammy back! Tammy's technique has improved, I like, that she caresses the strings, as opposed to bashing them. Justin, great job! Justin, can you tell us the Make, and Model of the Guitar, that you are using?

  18. Nice to see Tammy back, didn't think we were going to see her again

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