Tammy Guitar Lesson 3: Notes On Neck, Chord Progressions, Rhythm & Strumming, Barre Chords, & more!

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In this 3rd guitar lesson for Tammy, we follow up on last weeks work and then expand it into recording strumming to check for timing, making and exploring chord sequences, chords in keys notes on the neck and more.


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  1. It's also great that these questions are being asked, because when Justin asks Tammy the question, I answer and then get confirmed. It's like yes, I am learning.

    It's also great to see someone do the homework, make notes and then come back with follow up questions

  2. Sometimes with an hour long video, you are hmm, it's an HR long, do I have that time. With your lessons and style, the viewer feels like you're being taught face to face and the hour flies by. Lots of nuggets to take away. Great content.

  3. Loving these lesson vids Justin. Great job Tammy… would love it if you guys did some duets!

  4. This really reminds me of those days when I was starting to play out guitar. Everything was new and so exciting. Justin is such a great teacher who I am indebted to for being able to play guitar. Thank you!

  5. Brill but why are you on an electric and she is on an acoustic? can we have a zoom in on the chord formations? and changes please. not sure if you have a photographer there or not.

  6. Natural Resting Face

    Good idea to learn these chords on piano too at a later stage if songwriting is your path. Listening to Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful' on both piano and guitar gives you a good idea about how even playing it note for note on guitar just has a totally different sound. Desperado is another example. BTW, it's really difficult to transcribe these on guitar unless you're Chet Atkins!

  7. amazing idea to record a lesson

  8. Inspired by you two & the video
    I changed my strings this morning
    And spring cleaned my instrument
    Many thanks
    Keith S in Kandy Sri Lanka

  9. Absolut great series, thanks to both of you!

  10. Great lessons, Justin. Good on you Tammy! ps. Love the look of that acoustic guitar you;re playing. It's awesome!

  11. Justin: have you ever checked out deltabluestips on You Tube? Not sure if you are located anywhere near him (he is in Liverpool – you know, home of the Delta Blues). He has not posted in a while and is older now and in failing health but he is such a kind and friendly guy. I have corresponded with him recently by email and if you could ever collaborate with him while he is still well it would be an awesome paring. Act fast but you two would really appreciate one another. Let me know if I can facilitate in any way but you two need to meet before it is too late. Check him out.

  12. Was that the Captain ringing up to book another lesson?

  13. These lessons with Tammy are a lot of what I need at this point in my journey. Two to three little points in each lesson that explain gaps that I have in my understanding. Thanks not only to Justin but also a huge thanks to Tammy for her bravery for doing her private lessons for all of us to see and learn from!

  14. Just do a absolute beginner

  15. That pink guitar has some awesome tones coming out of it!

  16. My favorite series on youtube ….and I've been playing 45 years.
    Good teacher, good student. It's fun to watch the progress Ms. Tammy makes. You can sure tell she practices.

  17. Eddie Ate Dynamite Goodbye Eddie.

  18. Angus Young seems to be able to deal with a bit of guitar movement.

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