Tammy Guitar Lesson 4: Barre Chords, Chords In Keys In Practice, Notes On Neck and Rhythms!

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In this 4th guitar lesson for Tammy, we follow up on last weeks work and then dig into the 4 main barre chord forms and particularly the 5th string root major grip which is commonly difficult. We look at chords in the keys and some more rhythm timing exercises!


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  1. ok so im making myself a cup of coffe and starting to watch.

  2. I love watching someone figure something out for the first time. It's like you see the synapse forming. Always provides a new perspective that helps me too.

  3. This has been a GREAT lesson for me! Thank you! (applause)
    EDIT: Just finished, really good stuff! Do you have Patreon? I would be glad to support you there! Thanks again!

  4. I hope viewers especially beginner and a large portion of intermediate guitarists truly appreciate the huge value of this series. Until recently a student would spend hundreds of dollars in 1 on 1 instruction if they are lucky enough to get a phenomenal instructor the first time out. All too often that's not the case and you end up spending thousands in the end from having to go through multiple teachers to fill the gaps that the previous instructors lacked. The fact that Justin made this available for free is very generous and speaks volumes about his dedication to teaching and genuine love of music. Awesome.

  5. 4 lessons in and already puts captin lee to complete and total shame. She is a much better and more motivated student, Im glad to see you teaching somebody who is actually interested in learning and not looking for some kind of magic gimic to give them the talent.. good teacher and good student is awesome 🙂

  6. José Manuel Gómez Díaz

    "I try to play as if I was stoned". In my case, I usually try to play as if I wasn't stoned hahaha

  7. Gene Halbrooks

    I actually get a lot out of these video series

  8. Dirty old man film yourself with your strumming hand

  9. 27:0031:00 mind blown. I did not know this at all! So interesting and helpful to see patterns for playing the chords (M m m M M m) in any key, moveable across fretboard. Thanks!

  10. what guitar is Tammy using. looks really cool

  11. Mohamed Moustaghfir

    Girl@ look at that elbow n forearm.

  12. Steve Hanwright

    Awesome as always,

  13. the theory in these videos are really helpful, thanks Justin. Love the whole sit down jammy vibe to these videos, really feels like a guitar lesson with a great teacher

  14. great lesson

  15. Hey Justin at 8:12 she is probably strumming in triplets thats why in beat 1 she strums down and in beat 2 up then down in 3 and so forth. Take a look for lesson number 5 cause she is constant with her strumming and it's hard to believe she is rushing or stalling in between beats. Most like she is going in triplets DUD,UDU,DUD,UDU

  16. I wish i knew about not needing to have the high e string ring out in the A shape barre chord when I first started, I spent 2 weeks killing myself to get it ring out clean lol

  17. Really like this lesson series, seems like we all have the same hurdles to conquer. The insight is great, Thank you.

  18. Tammy, you are absolutely stunning

  19. Darrell Robinson

    This video had a big learning moment for me. I have known the 1-4-5 L shaped pattern for a while, but didn’t known it was just a part of a bigger pattern containing all the important chords of a key. I feel like this is a major step for me.

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