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This week Neal shows you the fundamentals of good tap harmonics. This technique has been used extensively by Eddie Van Halen but can also be found in jazz and bass guitar techniques. Tap Harmonics create a very cool, almost synthesizer sound out of your guitar.

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  1. Rodrigo Arcangelo

    its just me or this sounds apper in scary móveis?

  2. Why the disortion so clean no buzz noise,like wow

  3. Angus Beef Sandwich

    One step closer to being 1/1000000th of the guitar player Dimebag is

  4. Is that a les Paul studio lite?

  5. great video

  6. I want to know the name of that model, its color is so beautiful

  7. jeremy atkinson

    Dolphin sounds are AWESOME!!!! but the best thing is the guitar playing otherwise! haha

  8. Hmm… Very intelligent idea.. DUDE, WTF??

  9. Dude I was thinking exactly that thing when I heard it 😀

  10. I will warcraft the whole video till the ens…

  11. His is a Gibson Robot, not sure if they still make them they were around 2-3k

  12. DrejStinger1986

    That dolphin sound is so cool.

  13. ExperimentLife

    so did everyone ells.

  14. 1:04 sounds like the odd sound which slash makes in "welcome to the jungle"

  15. Where did you get that guitar it seems pretty cool?

  16. well arent u silly

  17. hahahahhaa SAME

  18. i want to make a porno with me playing guitar and chicks sucking my dick

  19. he would be in trouble if he was fingering A-Minor…that would be a hard harmonic to hit which would cause trouble

  20. funny ending XD

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