Tapping guitar lesson

Tapping guitar lesson

Here is a lesson that’s part of an guitarmasterclass.net add – I thought I’d share it with youtubes – while you are waiting for the next guitartube!
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  1. akalanka fernando

    Thank you so much! Now I know how to tap but I don"t know how to combine it with a solo. How to do it?????????


    Hey man…good lesson which i can use in our band GROUND…thanx

  3. thanks

  4. he sounds like Niko bellic

  5. Franky Broadcast

    That not tapping. Those are hammerons.

  6. this man looking like Desmond Miles from Assassins creed

  7. Juan,Two, Three

  8. Emilio Gallardo

    Are you using standard tuning?

  9. maneck andhyarujina

    good job

  10. what song is this?

  11. Wildchild Industries

    The Slash licks in the beginning. :3

  12. NICE

  13. Also needs a volume boost

  14. i'm doing it the same like in video and this sounds sucks it can anybody tell me why btw. my guitar is pacyfica 112j

  15. wow good man super

  16. Thanks a lot dude took 2 min to understand wow!

  17. nice dude !!

  18. WOW i rememer seeing this vid back in 2007.Now i hardly touch a guitar, i think i lost the love in making guitarmusic :(.

  19. any way you will do the tapping in eruption guide?

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