Tapping guitar lesson – super easy + TAB! learn to play on electric guitar

Tapping guitar lesson - super easy + TAB! learn to play on electric guitar

Tab at http://www.guitarnick.com/tapping-electric-guitar-lesson-learn-how-to-play.html
Learn how to play the basic rock metal techniques for electric guitar. These are easy lessons for absolute beginners. Lots of progressive lessons and easy songs with free tabs and videos on the site.
You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs on www.guitarnick.com
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  1. how?!?!?!?! your just touching the guitar and it make sound how the heck its doing this!

  2. Great lesson but cant you use a guitar with dots on it so its easier to follow. 

  3. actually it is better to pull down instead up and creating aditional sounds

  4. when you pull can you pull it the other way ?

  5. Awesome tutorial. Is it cheating to just to let go after you tap to get the same sound? Lol

  6. really good.

  7. thank you for lesson..

  8. 1/4 ? Holy shit i need to practice :l Thanks for the tutorial, best one so far for me.

  9. yes sooner you practice something the sooner you'l get it down!.

  10. Thank You that was Helpful..!

    Im kinda a Beginner,I cud Play easy solos and stuff and hav covered Metallica and MEgadeth Songs Rhythm Parts…
    Will it b Ok that I start Working On techniques like tapping and oder stuffs???
    Plz RESPOND!!!! 

  11. @Fiftee1fiftee

    It's for playing fingerpicking dumbass…
    Why would you watch this if you don't know anything about guitar?

  12. Is the tutor using a delay and distortion? How about the amp settings? No fret markers or key is mentioned?

  13. U make it seem like clockwork

  14. @TheGuitarNick it was a figure of speech carrot fingers, don't get red

  15. carrot fingers you tap less than half as fast as me :O

  16. omfg,ive always wanted to do this

  17. Nice camera angle!
    Got a similar lesson on my channel for anyone who wants to lear to tap…

  18. nice..

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