Taylor Swift – Blank Space – Super Easy Beginner Songs For Acoustic Guitar – Lesson

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Super easy chords with the capo on the 5th fret. These chords make up all of the most popular songs! good luck and have fun!
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  1. Alejandro Arcienega

    Ohh I love that tittle "Super easy beginner song"

  2. what taylor guitar is that? can someone please specify?

  3. you always talk to much

  4. The undisputed guitar teaching champion!
    Marty, been learning from you for 6 years now, and you still make me smile and laugh (in a positive way ofc!) and teach a song so perfectly with comedic elements! Have a good day sir, wish you all the best!

  5. Gabriela Fernandes


  6. You're so awesome with guitar,wish you were someone of the family !!

  7. Any chance you could make a video to play "Ides Of Fall", by Jared and the Mill?

  8. Charismatic Batman

    that guitar is too fucking gorgeous

  9. Can you write the rhythm pattern in the comments please

  10. nice one..

  11. YuniarRuchmiChairillaDewi

    Teach us how to arrangement a song

  12. Great! now how bout the bridge?

  13. "And then we have that G Chord… that's for lots of winners!" Love it Marty! Using this to help my daughter learn to play! Thanks for all the videos!

  14. Great teacher. 😀 but… are you even a swiftie too ?

  15. martyz song is better than the original 😛

  16. Please make i know places tutorial ^^

  17. What's the strum pattern..?

  18. i would love to learn Ben Harper's "Waiting on an Angel" 🙂

  19. the best !!!!!

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