Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton #1of2 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-317) How to play

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-317-TearsInHeaven.php
In this first part of the guitar lesson on Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton’s amazing but sad guitar classic, we will check out the intro and the verse chords and picking. The chorus and bridge are covered in Part 2. Check out his unplugged DVD version, this lesson is based on the part Clapton plays for that performance. What an amazing song, makes me read weepy if I think about it too much…

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  1. Klaus Frischholz


  2. Justin, just to thank you so much for your clear and well prepared lessons. I didn't learn when I was young sadly, but I 'm so determined to learn…with your help! Adrian

  3. Sample

  4. cause the have down the have up finger for the last and middle makit slow making

  5. wrong lesson make it slow we dont ge it past make slow finger style is a nice song

  6. is really funny how you dance while playing the intro like if this is a dancing song fortunately Eric Clapton has the style to play this song they way it should

  7. i know to play "dust in the wind" but this 1 im not sure if i can make it that easy:)

  8. hallo justin
    vielen Dank für deinen perfekten Unterricht habe inzwischen viel dazu gelernt ✌
    Grüsse aus Bayern

  9. Martina Zvolenská

    Does anyone have it written in tabs please? 🙂


    I would've liked for you to not stop. Ur very good.

  11. Thankuuuu so muchhhhh Justin,I have fully learned this songs and all this was possible because of your lessons,thankuuuuu

  12. wanted to say thanks! your an awesome teacher and teaching me to play song ive ALWAYS wanted to be able to

  13. thank you very much i like to play tears in heaven in my guitar but i dont know what's the chords
    but when i saw this, ive learned a lot thank you very much

  14. lesson is good but please slow down so I can understand more better than replaying it over and over

  15. hi Justin i think your great I've learned a lot from you But i can't seem to find anyone who can teach me the song I love to boogie buy Mark Boland any chance you can doe a teaching video so i can kern the song cheers

  16. I'm sure Justin no longer even views his older tutorials, but I now only watch Justin and 2 others out of all the people on youtube. I never picked up a guitar until my mid 50's and, surprisingly, (to me at least) can now play some songs and am forcing myself to learn music theory and sheet music. Anyone else have this issue; I can play songs after Justin's great lessons and I can sing along with him playing, but I can't sing and play. 🙁 Is that common for beginners? Even though he won't see it, thanks Justin!

  17. In F sharp minor finguers 4 and 3 are not necessary right? Because you play only strings 6,2 and 3.


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