Ted Nugent – Stranglehold – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lessons – Free Guitar Lessons – Rock

soloing lesson on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/guitarjamzdotcom

Ted Nugent – Stranglehold – How to Play on Guitar – Guitar Lessons – Free Guitar Lessons – Rock marty schwartz guitarjamz “Ted Nugent (Musical Artist)” “How-to (Conference Subject)” Electric Metal Blues Picking Learn
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  1. Marty, Great lesson. Most people screw up the rythym by palm muting incorrectly but you definitely nailed it here. .

  2. That's not how the lead riff goes- that sounded like crap

  3. You're a really BAD instructor. Nobody gives a fuck about what gear you're using. It's a GUITAR LESSON, not an AD.

  4. can you tell me what model heritage and what pickups it has please and thanks

  5. Thank you

  6. Thanks Marty! You rock!

  7. don't care about your pedals, I've seen 2 minutes of video to learn 2 notes.

  8. Now did u put that switch cover on or did it come like that?

  9. The Great Gadfly

    Uncle Ted had that Wang Dang Sweet Poontang to tend to, he had to keep the riffs simple sometimes.

  10. Marty, I've been watching you for a while. 2 things.

    1) Thank you for all the work and effort you put into these videos

    2) You're the man!!! I've learned a lot

  11. What pedal did you say you were using? I couldnt quite make it out. If its in the description I cant see it on the computer Im on.

  12. Marty, I cant seem to find the soloing video. Could you link it?

  13. still the best lessons on you tube.

  14. Awesome tune thanks Marty.Great playing you nailed the tone

  15. Where's the Byrdland

  16. What is the higher note he plays when he does the slide from G to A second time around—-Cool stuff–ty for the lessons

  17. joshua hornbuckle

    Hey Marty I've been watching your videos for a long time almost 8 years now. I've noticed you have this white amp you always use with pedals. I like to know what amp that is if you don't mind. also please do the solo to stranglehold.

  18. I like crayons

    thought i was the only person who uses dunlop picks

  19. Marty is just awesome!
    Great job with the lessons and I think we can say with a very HIGH level of probability…
    Highly likely that he is also a great dude too!
    Keep them coming sir!

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