Teenagers – Guitar Lesson – My Chemical Romance – Easy Beginner Lesson

Woah! I finally got it done! I hope you enjoy this lesson for Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

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Requested by Zack Nasca. Check out his channel here!
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  1. Do you have a tab on this

  2. every


    Trying to find a good whatchamacallit for standard tuning

  3. Hey dude! Super helpful! What're the amp settings? I wanna play it with your tone.

  4. Overall it's a good tutorial. But you talk too much.

  5. You're boring man..

  6. Much thank.

  7. Mcrpanda Mcr panda

    Well I'm about to mess up had my guitar for 2 days and wanna learn hard songs hah oopps

  8. Is that the pick of destiny

  9. I only just your tutorial because thats the pick of destiny

  10. can someone tell me how he does that thing at like 0:56

  11. no solo?

  12. Nasiriyah Hakim-Anderson

    this is so good! I've been wanting to learn this for a while, but i couldn't find a good enough tutorial! I can't stretch my fingers that far yet…

  13. Pls teach us I don't Love you

  14. were lookin' at a legend here… he's got the POD.

  15. Thinks to self
    "Man this guy is pretty good"
    Notices pick
    "Ahhhh. Well then"

  16. holy shit, he has the pick of destiny

  17. Fabrizio Benedetti

    Showing your right hand would make for a much better lesson 🙂 🙂 🙂

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