Tenacious D – Tribute – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to Play

Tenacious D - Tribute - Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial - How to Play

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  1. should i even bother trying to learn this if this is my first week ever playing the guitar. i can't even play Hurt by Johnny Cash/nine inch nails yet even though i'v been practicing it for 3 days.

  2. Thanks for the lesson, I will study over the weekend!!!

  3. Br alguém?

  4. Can you do a quick tutorial of the intro in the Live version of the song? Namely Kyles bit

  5. be you angel?

  6. My request is cillet bang by Barry Scott

  7. I was really convinced I was missing something from the Am G D F part, and it's the thumb fretting the top string on the D chord. Bothered me for ages, cheers!

  8. Worry about the rhythm once you know the chords and notes inside out. Then play it along with the record to help you nail the rhythm.

  9. love you man 😀

  10. Old Navajo Tricks

    Be nice to see Aerosmiths version of Come together broken down by you Marty…

  11. Ass ass ass aaaaaaassss♫♪'

  12. Love your lesson of this song!!! I've been playing the tribute solo for like hours straight and never get tired of it. Thanks for sharing!!! I like your enthusiasm as well!

  13. The fucking ending

  14. Could you do wonderboy by tenacious d please Marty

  15. I'm bad at english, so i just look at your finger


  17. mds ensina mt bem cara !!

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