Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton – Guitar Lesson

In response to a request for this tune from Chris’ great 2015 album Traveller. This is his cover of a song first recorded by David Allan Coe and later covered by George Jones. This lesson breaks down the intro, chords and guitar solo. In standard tuning. Thanks for watching.
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  1. Thanks

  2. C_Double _D_100

    how did you get that sound?

  3. Michael Guerrero

    Thank you for your help. Stay blessed

  4. great lesson on a top notch country artist…..Chris can do no wrong…..love the lesson man !!!

  5. Great lesson man. Top Shelf,like it should be. Thank's again.

  6. This tune reminds me of an old Rod Stewart song: I would rather go blind.

  7. Awesome lesson. I checked out the rest of your channel, and really like it. Keep up the good work.

  8. thank you!!!

  9. Very helpful..thank for the lesson….

  10. burgerkillsyou

    what chord is that at 2:43?

  11. OneDirectionCrew2000

    any sheet music of this?

  12. do you really know who really sings this is sure isn't Chris

  13. IDK whats up but I heard everything fine. Whats that neck pickup your using?

  14. Jarrett Justice

    To bad not better quality

  15. Logan Brockett

    Thanks a lot for the video it cleared a few things up for me in an easy and straight forward way. Wish you would've played all the way through though. All in all great tutorial

  16. Are you using a valve amp?

  17. I'm just saying man. He definitely isn't new. He sings in "The Steeldrivers band"

  18. Not sure why all the hate on here! this is how I play it.. BECAUSE ITS RIGHT. Good job bro, thanks!

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