Tennessee Whiskey – Easy 2 Chord Song! – Rhythm + Lead Guitar | Chris Stapleton

Hey everyone! In this lesson I’m going to show you how to play Chris Stapleton’s version of “Tennessee Whiskey.” It’s a 2-chord wonder – it just uses 2 chords, in the same order the ENTIRE TIME!

This country song was written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove. Originally performed by David Allan Coe. George Jones’ version is also notable.

If you’re just getting started you might need some extra help. I have 2 resources for that:

If you find yourself struggling with the very basics (chord shapes + strumming with a steady rhythm), you’ll want to check out my Complete Beginner’s Course. More information here: https://goodguitarist.com/beginner-guitar-course/

And there’s my 2 eBooks (which are free for all subscribers!) – You can use them to help you build a solid foundation: chords, switching, progressions, riffs, techniques, TAB reading… everything it takes to be a “good guitarist.” You can find them here: http://goodguitarist.com/learn-rhythm-guitar/ — http://goodguitarist.com/learn-lead-guitar/

I’m going to show you 3 things in this lesson:

1) How to play the song using 2 easy chord shapes (requires a Capo at the 2nd fret)

2) How to play the lead guitar part

3) How to play the song WITHOUT a capo (requires the use of a BARRE CHORD)

We start off by learning 2 chord shapes: G and Am. We strum through them to practice switching, and then learn a simple strumming pattern. This one is in 3/4 time, so we count it out “1 + 2 + 3 +” – make sure you take it slow and work it out just like we talk about in the lesson. Once you have it down, we put it together with the chords and play through the verse.

Next we learn the lead guitar part, which is pretty simple but requires the use of SLIDES. I recommend practicing slides from the 2nd to 4th fret (and back) on the A string, OVER and over again.

After putting the lead guitar part together, we finally learn how to play this song without using a capo. This means using the Bm barre chord. I go over a good way to visualize it, and then go over a few tips for making sure you don’t hurt your wrist and can properly develop the right technique to play it.

I recommend going through my barre chord miniseries (free on my site – http://goodguitarist.com/basic-barre-chords/)

Finally, as an added bonus, I show you how to play a nifty rhythm guitar embellishment that spices up the tune a little bit – just in case the rest was a bit too easy for you 😉

Enjoy the lesson, I’ll see you soon!

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton



  1. Shriprasad Bhamare

    Nobody on the internet tried chorus lyrical Guitar fast part behind chords like you played ("as a glass of Brandy")
    but it's not included in the lesson.
    I am trying to search it everywhere since a long time and so desperately wanna learn it
    Please, make it available sir!

  2. Shriprasad Bhamare

    I want to learn the Guitar part which is equivalent to lyrics " a glass of Brandy" in the chorus

  3. Shriprasad Bhamare

    Hi Sir!
    I don't want to learn Chords and solo…
    But I want to learn the Guitar part as a lyrics (which is played fast in the background)

    Please enlighten on it.


  4. this guy is really good on guitar

  5. This sing is very close to R and B ..

  6. Makes me wanna kick cow pies….

  7. With the capo it isn't a GMjr anymore. You need to explain that it's an AMjr and why the Am you speak of is actually a Bm. Please don't confuse new musicians with this chord shape that is affected by the capo.

  8. Hi, absolutely love you teaching style it's awesome. Have one question, the bit at the end that you teach as the little extra. How do you do it from the G chord when using a capo? I cant work it out from watching your hands when you just play it.

  9. Blaynedoesmusic channel

    So uh my wrist won’t allow me to play a Bm anyone wanna help?

  10. Jillee Backroads Wanderlust

    I wouldn’t call myself a beginner but it really helped to start as a beginner to move forward into the song. You are amazing!!! Please help me beginner start out on Mother Like Mine by the Band Perry, would be so so grateful. The song has meaning to me.

  11. ??? Why at the start with the capo does the chords start with G and then when its bar chords the strumming starts with A??????????

  12. Do you have a tutorial on that acoustic solo riff you do in the background during the intro?

  13. thanx !

  14. That's not a G chord or a Am chord! It's a G form and Am form the chords your playing are A and Bm. Learn from youtube and you will fail.

  15. sounds easy but looks confusing

  16. good video man. I've seen allot and you're a natural teacher… kudo's!

  17. Do you teach scales, in your free program?

  18. excellent tutorial!

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