Tennessee Whiskey – Guitar Lesson and Tutorial – Chris Stapleton

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This is a preview of our guitar lesson on Chris Stapleton’s version of Tennessee Whiskey. We teach all the parts from the Traveler record, but use the tempo from the CMA performance.

Tabs: http://www.sixstringcountry.com/lessons/tennessee-whiskey.1760563?w=1468#
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  1. Thanks. Good lesson, i like the double format style it's easy to follow.

  2. Never thought Jesus Christ would teach me how to play Tennessee Whiskey

  3. It's not country

  4. To Scott and Casey; Lets do this.

  5. PopulistRex7496 ultimate gaming

    This has nothing to do with the guitar but you remind me of jax teller from sons of anarchy

  6. sounds great …….and you have a great web site

  7. Do you have a tutorial for the George Jones version ?

  8. wheres the solo like he does it not the album

  9. That Beard tho

  10. hey can u learn or do you know "flat natural born good-timin' man" by Gary Stewart.  Please pretty please

  11. great way to apply a lesson… Thank you..

  12. Dang it what is he doing at 4:35? I can't figure out the fingering A to Bm then Bm __ slides to 4th or 5th chord ….? Idk

  13. you are fantastic!

  14. why is there only just peaces of the song

  15. Ha, I came for the song but ended up liking your blues lick more, thanks for that!

  16. Good Job

  17. I didn't know Thor made videos!

    JK! Really nice video man.

  18. CarolinaSweetSunshine

    great lesson! Can you do a lesson on how to play the sog tomorrow tonight by Craig Campbell?

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