TENOR MADNESS – GUITAR LESSON – SOLO & Melody – ( Jazz Blues )

Note for note tutorial on one chorus of SOLO over Tenor Madness incl the melody / head. TABS + Playalong available.
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Tenor Madness is a jazz standard written by Sonny Rollins. It’s basically a Jazz Blues in Bb.
In this jazz guitar tutorial I’ll be teaching you the melody / head of Tenor Madness for guitar, as well as one chorus of soloing.
I arranged the melody partly in diads in order to make it more interesting.
The guitar solo is intermediate level. You’ll find plenty of Blues and Bebop Lines in it. So if you ever wondered how to solo over Tenor Madness this is the perfect guitar lesson for you.

You’ll find many ideas for your own improvisation over this jazz blues.

If you like to have something written, you find the Tenor Madness guitar tab above. I also made Guitar Pro Tabs for my Solo over Tenor Madness. If you want to practice my solo or want to improvise, you find the backing track / playalong for Tenor Madness above too.

Now grab your guitar and follow me on this enjoyable ride!

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. I mean we can't thank you enough!!! You have the easiest to follow and best guitar teacher, it's so clear and you show everything for free, it's incredible, greetings from (not so sunny) Finland!

  2. This lesson I find challenging & fun, thank you: am learning new things – which is what life is all about! 🙂

  3. Awesome !

  4. You are an excellent teacher who imparts confidence to your students.

  5. As always, great job. Thanks so much for this. Have you heard the live version of this that Emily Remler did? She kills it.

  6. Another of your superb lessons! This is my favorite so far. I love the blues/bebop mix. This is just the right level for me….with about 90 minutes of work (maybe less?), I'll have a really tasty tune to add to my reportoire. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Antonino de Pádua Nascimento Felipe

    Olá Sandra, no próximo vídeo Garota de Ipanema(bossa nova), ok? Obrigado.

  8. Ich hab heut eh den Blues. Passt perfekt 🙂

  9. Gonna try learn this but gonna be hard 🙂

  10. Great lesson here and on this one you're really showing your talent! Bravo!

  11. Oh my…like a fine Viennese pastry; sumptuous, heady, unbelievably tasty playing. (I’ve never actually had a fine Viennese pastry, but that’s how I imagine them). Just knowing Sandra is ten points on the hipness meter. Thank you for this gem.

  12. Excellent lesson! Your playing is amazing. You really nailed it. ☺

  13. johan Clareboudt

    I hear the notes , but not enough soul in it….

  14. Very nice……Thank You……and Great color

  15. Sandra, you make it look effortless!! (and it is not!)

  16. Magnífico tema y magnífica lección. Muchas gracias Sandra !!

  17. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    OMG, diesen Song hab ich schon so lange nicht mehr gehört. Jetzt gehts gleich ans Üben!!! Danke für die Lesson.

  18. Thanks Sandra, I am totally in agreement with the first comment. Couldn't be a better lesson to mark the beginning of my being" fully subscribed". A great version of a great track, expertly explained with a relaxed friendly vibe. Excellent!

  19. Alexander Altago

    Formidable!!! Great lesson. Merci.

  20. Sandra Sherman, you're simply an outstanding guitar instructor. Period. Starting with your ever so pleasant personality and the way you structure your lessons in breaking down a given song, well, again — simply outstanding. Even though I'm an optimist, there are some songs I don't think I'll be able to grasp, but then you come along and make it perfectly clear and painless to learn. I appreciate it and love it! Thanks for all you do Sandra!!

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