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There are many technique issues that can crop up from bass player to bass player – but there is one overriding bad habit that I call a “technique killer”…

As in, if you do this one thing it’ll be almost impossible for you to move around the fingerboard with any dexterity or speed at all.

It’ll be like driving with the brakes on.

In this lesson you’re going to find out exactly what it is. You’re going to see clips of Pino Palladino, Victor Wooten, Robert Truijio and Jaco Pastorious (and I’ll be highlighting how they’re not making this common mistake)…

Then, I’m going to show you how to fix it!

You ready?

As always, see you in the shed…

– Scott


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  1. OMG What a cute little punkin at the start of the video!!! 😀

  2. Holy crap, this is probably the most important information Ive gotten from you, thanks

  3. That gap between the thumb and the fore finger is called the fulcrum. Just like holding a drum stick. Excellent video btw.

  4. Hi Scott, having watched and enjoyed this vid, i'd really like your advice. My left hand and arm are slightly smaller than my right and my left arm is not as strong despite doing weights etc. I struggle sometimes with the left hand position you suggest and i know it hinders my fluidity and precision on the neck. any advice you or anyone else can offer would be really welcome. Thanks.

  5. A STRAIGHT wrist gives you the absolute biggest range of movement for your fingers

  6. Vincent Emmanuel

    "Robert Trujillo. Best bass face in the business right ?" Haha love it

  7. Weakest video lmfaoo


    Man you should meet with Alex Webster, the academy is more than ok but me, as a metal bass player need that hook. I love your videos but need more metal material for get hook in SBL.

  9. I tell my students imagine you're using your fretting hand while looking at your cell phone while holding your bass, if you can't see that palm space then you're holding your bass incorrectly. That palm space is the golden view to freedom in your in your dexterity.

  10. I've always played with the gap but my problem is my left hand grips too tight. I've never been able to get that light touch and fluid movement. Different basses with different actions make no difference.

  11. Scrumple. What a wonderful word!
    I believe I will a fashion a Sunday morning breakfast scrumple. It sounds delicious!!!

  12. Louis Johnson is an exception also 😉

  13. Cassivellaunus Honestus

    I try to be cognizant of left hand technique but I have stubby ass fingers.

  14. Can this apply to six string guitar as well? This is a big issue for my brother who is just getting into playing, and then finds it hard to make stretches using the 'bad' technique

  15. I am a classical guitarist, so there is always a gap in my left-hand grip, no matter what guitar I play: classical, electric, bass, etc. It’s just the way I learned since I was a child. Question though: there are plenty of good players, very good players, that “grab” the guitar neck with no gap back there. Referring to guitar players really, since that’s my main instrument and I am not very familiar with bass players. How would you explain that? Just curious.

    Victor Wooten, by the way, oh man … amazing stuff!

  16. Gianluigi Malandra

    Is there anything you want to say to Marcus Miller? 😀 (00.40, or wherever) PS: I love your videos!!!

  17. Thank you for the lesson! (From Brazil)

  18. 2:53 lol Bootsy video from RAI

  19. Well, I will try this because your rule 🙂

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