The 8 Essential Beginner Chord Grips | Beginner Guitar Lesson 8.1 | Justin Guitar

The 8 Essential Beginner Chord Grips | Beginner Guitar Lesson 8.1 | Justin Guitar

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In this first step in Lesson 8 we revise the 8 essential beginner chords you need to master before moving on to Grade 2 of my course!

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  1. started learning in Jan this year- was having one to one lessons until lockdown and then floundered around YT until I started your course about ten days ago. At the moment I’m doing about 40 rough changes between A/D/E per minute. Better quality but not perfect is about twenty per minute. You say 60 per minute is the goal which will probably take a few months. Roughly what standard should I be at before I allow myself to move on to stage 2?

  2. There's genuinely no better teacher. Thank you for everything Justin 🙂

  3. I'm baaaaaaack.

  4. Much appreciated Justin! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

    Also a very very minor issue I have is that lessons on your website seem to buffer alot. Don't know why.(whereas in youtube they play smoothly.)
    Is it anything that can be fixed?

  5. Good video , very instructive for beginners … thumb up and new suscriber !! Go on posting .

  6. Thanks so much for this little review! Sure takes me back to just a year ago when I started practicing with your videos! Now I can play plenty of songs compared to when I started out. Thank you! Thinking of tackling the dreadful barre chords now!

  7. 2 chords I learned differently. Em was index and middle finger. You play middle and ring. Just curious why? Is it because E chord uses middle and ring in 2nd fret?

    Dm I learned with ring finger on 3rd fret B string. Still have issue. Is the pinky easier due to stretching? I can't get a ton of pressure using pinky stretching hand out but I still mute that chord with ring finger.


  8. My main issue so far (guitar wise) is I can’t seem to keep thumb behind neck.

  9. Now maybe I’ve been playing it wrong for 20 years but isn’t a g chord played 330023

  10. You should make a video where you introduce us to your dog. He seems like a good boy.

  11. Loving the website…loving the app! Thanks for this new vid too! Stay safe!

  12. There is a ton of love for Justin on Reddit. He’s universally loved & respected and for good reason

  13. Hi Justin thanks for the video. What about the nitsuj lessons.

  14. Jonathan Martinez

    I always just use my thumb to mute the bass strings that aren’t supposed to ring even with the D chord. Guess I should just learn to be more nimble with the pick

  15. Great video.. your lessons have taught me to learn to play the guitar..

  16. Hey Justin, Thanks for all the lessons over the years.. Could you take this one to the next level and do the next 8 chords.. I have been playing all the basic chords for years up and down the neck but I'd like to learn some new one's.. All the best man.. ✌

  17. Thank you Justin.

  18. Dude I've been doing the a major chord wrong the whole time…

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