The A minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2 (Guitar Lesson BC-121)

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The A minor Chord, Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 2
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This video shows you how to play the A Minor chord and how to fix common problems with it.

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  1. ur videos are really helping me in my learning

  2. D fucking commercials

  3. Hi guys I’m new in the guitar what is the thing called next to the guitar with the

  4. Tutorial starts at 0:47

  5. I still get the flat dead sound even when i curl my fingers how hard are you post to press.

  6. can’t wait to beat off to this

  7. Damn that’s a nice sounding chord tbh

  8. My guitar is not making the same sound…..what do I do….

  9. Your fingers lay differently on fretboard than it's shown on the diagram 🙂 E chord diagram looks fine 😉

  10. My a minor sounds bad
    (Maybe because I I have a smallish kiddish guitar and I'm missing a string)

  11. For the life of me I can’t get decent sound from the b string when playing this chord

  12. this guy is awesome

  13. I have a problem with second string(my middle finger touch 2nd string)

  14. Justin, without a shadow of a doubt, you are simply the best guitar teacher for beginners! Thanks a million for your lessons here! Keep up the good work!

  15. i like the way u teach cuz it is easy to understand and follow ur stage.thanks

  16. my finger hurts and this iis the 4th chord. pain means progress i guess

  17. This guy is sick but should really rename his channel to homeless man teaches guitar

  18. Fuck man my fingers so hurt and its to diffeclt

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