The African Bass Lesson – Edd Bateman

The African Bass Lesson - Edd Bateman

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This is an instructional bass guitar tutorial demonstrating African music and focusing on West, Central and Southern Africa.

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King Fire – Guitar
Milba Kapamby – Drum kit
Abdoulaye Samb – Guitar
Giulliano Osella – Drum kit

Filmed and edited by Giulliano Osella and Johnny Voltik
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  1. Awesome! I am impressed….all you guys are very good. Keep it up…

  2. Bassman93 Bassman93

    quiet nice EDD could you tell us about the bass you play ,your favorite strings, how this amazing sound i hear in african music records Thank you

  3. Hello ..super..mais tu parles trop !

  4. love this!

  5. I learned a lot from this video. Thank you for sharing

  6. Superbly taught!!

  7. I heard him say South Africa. But in SA we don't play this, although there are some gospel artists in SA like Solly Mahlangu, Keke, and even Joyous celebration who have one or two songs in their albums sung and played in that fashion 'Central/West African style', they only do it out of curiosity. 
    If you talk about South African traditional music, old school mpaqanga, maskandi, musiekante, then you talking about something totally different to that, the rest of SA music like Jazz, House, and Afro pop they're highly influenced by western music. You sound good though no doubt about it, but if you'd play something like that in SA you might even get killed, cause that sounds totally alien to us.

  8. Pascarelly Simanjuntak


  9. Loved it! Thanks a lot Edd!
    Please do more of these!

  10. At least stop playing so I can stop dancing and pay attention to the words of the lesson!

  11. One word "AWESOME"

  12. this is really on point

  13. Very Good

  14. do you have a lesson for this that I can have please?

  15. NIce! What a great lesson! Thanks!

  16. Alfred Niederhofer

    That's Great – the best explanation I've found on the whole Internet. Did you ever think about a tutorial with handouts and playbacks to practice? This wound be great! Or you could write a book about African Bass playing. 🙂

  17. I was looking for good demo / tuto for several months ! Thank You all so much !

  18. Jacob Sena Boateng

    awesome stuffs man! Thanks a lot

  19. Chikamso Anayor Achu

    it's kind of interesting hearing someone explain what most unconsciously learn by just being around African music and playing guitar

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