The Band “The Weight” – Last Waltz Guitar lesson

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In this lesson, we learn how to play The Weight by The Band, as it was performed at The Last Waltz on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976, at the Winterland Ballroom. This is a fantastic jam session tune, and always a crowd pleaser. TABS, chords and lyrics are included via the patreon link above. Let’s get started!
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  1. Just supported your site to get this lesson in full. WOW your lessons go on and on and on…AMAZING!!

  2. Nice lesson dude, really appreciate it! We did a cover of this song, maybe you could check it out some time on our channel! Greetings and keep on rockin' Leaving Spirit from Germany!

  3. Great Job!

  4. Came just to see what key you were gonna do it in, stayed because of your chops and voice! Might as well subscribe while I'm here…

  5. Margaret Balzekas

    awesome thanks!

  6. Bernardo PEREZ VERDIA CH

    thank you, very, very much. Is great to find people so generous indeed

  7. nice choice of song.. you got my like and subscribe!

  8. awesome voice, awesome vid

  9. Awesome!!!

  10. strumming pattern?

  11. This is really great work, well done. I'm at the stage of wanting to blend chords and licks and this is an excellent example

  12. finally a lesson on the bamd it drives me up th wall when I mention the band and they have no idea who I'm talking about 🙁

  13. could you do atlantic city??

  14. Definitely the best cover/lesson of this track on YouTube,

  15. Very nice. Thank you for the great lesson.

  16. Thanks Rob! Awesome!

  17. Thank you very much for a great lesson

  18. man you´re awesome.. i learn so much of your video's!! you make me sound fly for the lady's AND you make me a better guitar player! would be great if you could do a video of a tricky john mayer song on acoustic! cheers

  19. Love this channel and tutorial!

  20. This is very good … THANK YOU.. !!!!

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