The Beatles – A Day in the Life Guitar Lesson

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In this A Day In The Life guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of the chords to this incredible acoustic classic by The Beatles.

Then instrumentation for “A Day In The Life” is pretty stunning and was completely ground breaking for it’s time, or ever for today if you think about it. However, it also works amazingly well on just one acoustic guitar.

The tuning is standard tuning.

I will take you through each section of the song in the order that they appear. There are just a couple barre chords to worry about along the way. If you can confidently play simple barre chords, you won’t have anything to stress about. If you have trouble with them, learning this incredible song is a great place to practice them.

For those crazy orchestral breaks, I have come up with a relatively simple way to recreate them on the acoustic guitar. You can choose to play at that part or not, it is up to you. I just wanted to give people something to play there if they wanted to perform a complete song.

Have fun learning this great track from the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album!

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  1. Brilliant cheers mate

  2. LadaSoda Explains

    how do u play guitar AND sing that well?!!! like I would actually listen to this song on repeat if u do a cover with u singing

  3. I like how the C to F chord is so jarring. What a haunting melody….

  4. Dude you can sing too?! What can't you do? Haha

  5. how about ziggy stardust sometime?

  6. Never thought about learning this. thanks.

  7. Nandita Chakraborty

    I didnt know u can sing

  8. Great stuff, well presented. Thank you.

  9. Sounds good and excellent lesson too!

  10. william christopher

    Very cool! Love this song!

  11. Best guitar teacher on YouTube, who’s with me???

  12. William Sjöblom

    Nice video! Can you make a lesson of "the clansman' by iron maiden?

  13. Great! Please more Beatles! Thanks!

  14. BionicBigfoot 32

    Hey awesome lesson I just learned In the Flesh? today and I was hoping you can do a lesson for The Thin Ice solo by Pink Floyd can’t find any lessons for it!!!

  15. Do a lesson on assassin by muse

  16. Your orchestral break simile is pure genius!

  17. Can you do Dio Rainbow in the dark lesson?

  18. Sreejith Sukumaran


  19. Sweeeeeeeeeet, the best Beatles tune

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