The Beatles – Come Together Guitar Lesson

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As one of The Beatles most well-known songs, this Come Together guitar lesson has been one of the most requested songs here at GL365.

In this video lesson I will show you how to play all of this classic song written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon/McCartney) note-for-note.

“Come Together” opens with a very cool and laid back guitar riff that is instantly recognizable to all classic rock fans. It uses a sort of a Hendrix inspired chord lick that is repeated. It is quite simple to play and shouldn’t be much of a challenge to the upper-beginner level player and above.

We then launch into the verse, which requires a pretty large stretch for the fret-hand, but other than that the rhythm is very simple to understand and play.

The chorus riff is also very simple and short, so in essence, the rhythm guitar parts of “Come Together” will be very accessible for just about all guitar players.

I will then begin our look at the two guitar solos as played by the great George Harrison. Harrison was a master at creating an understated solo that makes a huge musical statement. The first solo in “Come Together” is a harmonized solo that is relatively short. I will first demonstrate the high harmony part followed by the low harmony part.

After all of that I will close out this video lesson demonstrating how to play George Harrison’s extended outro solo phrase-by-phrase. This solo is a great workout for the upper-beginner level guitarist to get their bends in shape. There are standard bands and pre-bends to contend with and they also encompass a lot of different registers and string tensions around the fretboard. This is a great exercise in feeling what a whole-step bend feels like way up on the 20th fret of the high E string, or way down at the 12th of the G string. It requires you to use your ear to make sure the bends are in tune since they will all feel quite different to your hands.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this legendary song from the undisputed kings, The Beatles. 🙂



  1. To say that Harrison's solo influenced ALL of Gilmour's subsequent solos from 1973 forward is the understatement of the (last) century.

  2. You are Awesome teacher man. Thanks for this video. I subscribed to your channel. Please make a video on don't let me down by the beatles i want to learn it.

  3. Thank you again for another one. Perfect!

  4. Roberto Javier Buen Abad PĂ©rez

    good lesson God bless you selah

  5. The best tutorial I have ever seen on youtube – yep, great teacher! Slow, methodical, explained every step of the way. Thank you!

  6. A lot of the time Lennon played this in drop D and he even said in interviews that he didn't have to do much at all ha Lennon rocks

  7. There's always tons of views but not many comments seems like Carl does a great job noone bitches haha best guitar teacher right here

  8. Best yet on the net

  9. Can you teach "Soul Song" by Grey Daze if possible

  10. how do yo make it make that noise when muting

  11. Juan Sebastián Martínez

    Great , friends !

  12. Thanks so much for your expert tutoring on this song! I picked it up quick!

  13. great job there, I jotted the TAB's down and hope this will be the first song I ever play. thanks very much indeed      🙂

  14. perfect as always

  15. love you….you totally rock…..My Beatles band is called The Molly Jones….thanks for making us sound better.  Your lesson is right on time and easy to get, which is how it should be.

  16. Thank you for all the lessons !! i try to play "OLIVERS ARMY" by Elvis Costello. would be the coolest thing in the world if you could show me that !!!

  17. whats the name of your guitar?

  18. Muy bien explicado 🙂

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