The Beatles – Come Together – Guitar Lesson, How to Play

The Beatles - Come Together - Guitar Lesson, How to Play

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  1. Thanks for watching everybody! Also tons of FREE courses at my site

  2. I request owner of a lonely heart

  3. This is incredible and helpful

  4. I've got for a request for you Marty. Could you make a lesson X-Ray Spex – I Am a Poseur …coz I love this song 🙂

  5. Every time I hear a B miner I think of hotel Caledonia

  6. I thought the riff was drop D :/ I was close! But check it out though
    (EisD #s meaning fret)
    Open open
    D5 slide to D7
    Slide down to D15 then up to D 12
    I was close!

  7. that was beyond cool

  8. Martymusic lesson 2

  9. And Lead Us Have To Come Together Right Meow

  10. Joo-Joo Apple He One

  11. Rock and roll is how many ways can you play Johnny B Goode.

  12. Chikendinner123 Rblx

    That's the guitar freddie used on his shows (jk)

  13. I looked at this and after I learned it…I made a metal version in Drop D.

  14. Thanks! Could you tell what pedals did you use for intro sound? Whas it a little bit fuzz?

  15. nice man ! i always watch your videos to catch that groovy, and try to do something similar.

  16. Thanks Marty… you're amazing!!!!!

  17. How do you play this 0:06 to 0:34

  18. Don’t let me down but the Beatles plz

  19. 4:05 chills

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