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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play Eight Days A Week by The Beatles!

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  1. "8 days of D" lol

  2. would have liked to hear you do the anthology version of their homorgenized version

  3. just GREAT!! One of my very favourite songs. Could you maybe do a tutorial on the solo of the Cowboy song by thin lizzy? I like it so much and would love to learn it 🙂

  4. Can you do "Stay With Me Til Dawn" by Judy Tzuke?

  5. Thank You Thank You Thank You


    Greatings from Amazonia – Brazil .

  6. Instead of the chords at the 10,12 and 15th frets for the intro if you don't have a cutaway on your guitar you can play 775, 997, and 10 10 12 on the G, B, and E strings and get the same sound because it's the same notes only easier to access without a cutaway.

  7. Can you make a lesson on a linkin park song.

  8. ‘Oscar isaak – never had’ please, that would be an amazing tutorial Justin ol pall

  9. Great lesson. What I really loved was Papa Smurf in the background

  10. You are the one Justin! Thanks for the nice lesson…

  11. What make of guitar is that Justin? sounds good. What action height do you prefer at the 12th?

  12. Please do Vultures by John Mayer!

  13. Hey justin, could you teach me to play these arms of mine by Otis redding please?

  14. What kind of guitar is that..I need a smaller one and that looks perfect

  15. Hello Justin. Could you please do IN THESE ARMS by Bon Jovi,? I can´t find nowhere to learn this song.

  16. Can you please transcribe Narcotic Prayer or Wild Country by Chris Whitley?

  17. Courtney Razavi Rezvani

    Hi Justin, thanx so much for the lessons.
    Please could you do a tutorial for Chocolate by the 1975. Everytime i try to play it with the chords that I've found on the internet (C, G, Em, D with capo fourth fret) it just sounds really wrong. I tried learning Pride and Joy with your lesson last month and now I can finally do it!!!

  18. Justin a lesson of Let it be (version of John Denver)
    You are the best

  19. Brillaint again ! 🙂 Oh and, 'Through My sails', Neil Young, when you've time to kill. Thanks again!

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