The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby – Guitar Lessons – Acoustic Guitar – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. keep up the good work marty

  2. So helpful thank you so much!!!

  3. Hi! I'm a total beginner at the guitar. can you explain how you do the "half-mute percussion" technique at the beginning? Also, whats your strumming pattern here exactly? the first part is v-v-v^v^, but on the second half i hear you have a ^-^ somewhere, but i cant quite figure it out 🙁 Thanks for the video, it's been extremely helpful so far 🙂

  4. I love how you sing the chords in the melody. I do that too lol

  5. Oscar Preciado II

    dude thank you so much for this lesson.

  6. In the Beatles chord songbook, there are more than two chords for this song

  7. DamnationEternal

    I cant physically do that with my little finger 3:04

  8. how do i know the strumming pattern and what strings too hit? do i strum all 6 with the Em and 5 with the C?

  9. Virgilio Cacace

    I lerned a lot by you,,, thanks for all

  10. Laughing at the chord narration as you play. Love it.

  11. total crap

  12. Charlie McGowan

    Sorry, i meant toi say it starts on C major

  13. Charlie McGowan

    Great lesson as usual.Looking through teh Betales Complete easy guitar teh song starts on Em. Not complaining Marty, just a point of discussion……Thanks

  14. Daniel Jiménez

    Thanks Marty, you're the only one!

  15. Everyone… just jump to 4:34

  16. Another great vid Marty! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for Love Interruption by Jack White?

  17. Anthony Loughran

    brilliant tutorial, simple song but love the added bit on the e

  18. Tasha Thompson

    I need to thank you Marty u taught me sooooo much! I have searched you tube and not been able to find anyone who teaches the guitar as easy as u, u r the best and I appreciate u and the time u spend x x

  19. marty your one of a kinda and the best on youtube!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nathaniel Nelson

    My guitar skills increase tenfold when I wear a hat like yours… 😀

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