The Beatles Hard Day's Night Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been workin’ like a dog on this electric guitar lesson for the classic Beatles tune, Hard Days Night. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the support! Also get FREE courses when you sign my newsletter at

  2. Why not show us the vocal lines your playing on the intro

  3. Am I hearing double?

  4. Great vid love this genre as well can’t wait to learn it

  5. Are you serious? I decided to click on your lesson and realized it only came out two days ago at time of writing. I guess the "Beatles" gods , rock gods or guitar gods were saying it was meant to be for me to learn the song now:)

  6. Can you please do hey bulldog i really love that song and i would like to learn how to play it

  7. PLEEEAASSE do rebel rebel, its an awesome song with a pretty simple riff. If not, day tripper would also be awesome. Love ya marty! 🙂

  8. What kind of D#€@head gives this.a thumbs down?! Great breakdown Marty! The opening chord is one of life’s mysteries. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. The Real Dark Whale

    THE STROKES AND THEN THE BEATLES WITH RATM A FEW WEEKS BEFORE. This is the best channel on the platform.

  10. Hey man, have you done a lesson on a Parquet Courts song? That would be awesome, great band. Please consider Steady On My Mind, beautiful song and one of my all time favorites.

  11. Please do November rain

  12. Hey Marty could you do one from fellow British musical geniuses…radiohead? Something from in rainbows or ok computer especially. Thanks for everything Marty

  13. I know you get alot of these comments Marty, but I just wanna say thanks. 4 months ago I couldnt transition between a c to a g without butchering every string. I've learned several songs now, and can confidently create my own rhythms and solos when playing with my drummer homie. I'm no where near good, but I'm so much better than I was and I have your lessons to thank for it. Thank you for taking the time out of your day for this Marty, it's very appreciated

  14. Can you do a tutorial on “ With a little help from my friends” by the Beatles??

  15. Could u please please pleaseeeee make a lesson for house rules by Christian kane?

  16. This will be fun to learn

  17. Please do some more neil young! Alabama, southern man . Great vids!

  18. Great tutorial as usual !! Also City of the sun – W. 16 St could be awesome for a next song !

  19. Can you make a video on whenever you come around by Vince gill?

  20. I got a real easy one for ya. Im a novice but i want to learn a song for my sister in law whos dealing with a break up. It looks simple but any song is worth learning, right? It's "kristy are you doing ok" by offspring. Could you do a video on that? Please?

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