The Beatles Here Comes The Sun Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Marty here! I’m bringing you a lesson for the iconic Beatles tune, Here Comes The Sun on acoustic guitar! It’s not a beginner song, but it’s actually easier than it seems to play. Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks again for supporting!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Also Free Courses at

  2. This song has so many small details which makes it hard. You need to listen carefully

  3. awesome

  4. This was great! Thanks a lot

  5. Do you think you could make another tutorial it seem alittle fast for me I'm new

  6. How the fuck do I do that g chord at the start

  7. Thanks again Marty, Picked this one up with no problems…great lesson!

  8. I assume the people that dislike Marty’s videos are just angry they can’t play like him

  9. Please do a no capo one

  10. MARTIN! Hope u had a great time at NAMM

  11. What a genius song!

  12. Wow if you came to see Marty go do di da for 20 minutes you came to the right place but if you actually came to learn how to play you can leave

  13. Hey Marty, its Marty! Thanks for teaching me a song I've always wanted to learn!! Got my subscription my brother! Have a great day dude!

  14. Did anyone heard the melody of see you again in 14:28

  15. Thanks Marty. Your attention to detail and teaching style is second to none!

  16. Not the best explanation for this song Marty

  17. Yesterday

  18. Well done marty

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