The Beatles “Hey Jude” Solo Theory And Guitar Techniques Lesson

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  1. Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic" everybody! I also have Free and Helpful Guitar Lesson Courses at My Site

  2. I want to play exactly what you are playing in the intro. Please make a video on that. I will pay. You would be the only person on YouTube with that. You normally go real slow and say the string and fret.

  3. Thegoat Frusciante

    I have been playing for over a year now and you have made my journey so amazing man I'm addicted and can't stop wanting to learn! thank you for all these free lessons! and to the people who dislike these videos grow up. I respect your grind and commitment Marty!

  4. Can you teach how to play mountain of love by charley pride?

  5. Saw the end! Making my loop now…..

  6. Thank you so much for playing my favorite song! Luv you man!

  7. Awesome guitar lesson marty, watching it for the 10x time lol, still kinda hard

  8. I made it marty! Part of the 20% (as usual)

  9. Two questions, Marty: How did you know it was F mixolydion? I'm trying to make the connection how you went from the chords to knowing and then knowing the scale. I understand you "cut to the chase" here, but I wanted to understand how you arrived at that. And is this true for all chord progressions that have F in them? Fun video, by the way. I like this style of teaching

  10. Can you please do a tutorial for Dry Kill Logic’s ‘Goodnight’? There are no tutorials out there and you make things so easy. I appreciate you!

  11. Hey Marty, you should add a “beginner” playlist that spans generes. That would be awesome!

  12. i did see it

  13. This really helped me out a lot Marty been playing this all day and it’s like it opened a new door into my theory knowledge. Thanks Marty happy holidays

  14. Rocket by Smashing Pumpkins please

  15. Marty man this is so epic. Any chance you could do paperback writer?


  17. Exceptional and inspiring teacher. Thank you!

  18. Could you pls do Rocky Mountain High by John Denver? Also great video!

  19. Been an subscriber and a fan for a long time brother. Big part of me picking up guitar again. Hook us up with this backing track! I've yet to get a looper!

  20. Washam克里斯蒂娜

    Ik it's not your kind of music but could you give a tutorial for Alessia Cara My kind

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