The Beatles – In My Life Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial // how to play

‘IN MY LIFE’ chords, Lyrics and TAB
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Here’s how to play the classic song In My Life by The Beatles.

This song is in the key of A major and features the common chords in this key. It has simple strumming and a great simple intro melody. I chose not to use a pick at all in this song, and I am strumming quietly just using the tip of my first finger.

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  1. same beard XD

  2. Circle of fifth

  3. Would love to see how to play Jump as done by Roddy Frame slowed down melancholy acoustic version

  4. A little trivia; when John Lennon was writing In My Life, it was going to be a longer song, with more verses, about the way Liverpool was changing, and nostalgia for the city he grew up in. Therefore the love he spoke of in the song was not for a woman, but for his home town.

  5. I'll need to give this a go. I usually play it in the key of G. It's a truly beautiful song, and one of Lennon's finest in my estimation.

    I only hope I can play it without choking up. In My Life was my eldest sister's song. She passed away in 2001, and this song always brings back the loss.

  6. Great tutorial andy just started learning guitar absolute beginner any chance andy of covering some all about eve thanks for all you do your a great teacher

  7. Andy request for Ian brown nah nah acoustic

  8. Epileptic Spudmonkey

    Lennon: best lyricist. Most pure and honest lyrics and most raw and pure vocals of anybody in rock. Most important contributer to modern music there was. Flawed, honest, broken and real. We were blessed by his presence. Unfortunately those mutherfuckers in control saw him as a threat and took him out…

  9. Classicracer Uk

    Shame that F chord is there no way can I play them

  10. Classicracer Uk

    One of my favourite Beatles songs. I remember playing it to death over 50 years ago

  11. I truly loved this tutorial. I'm from Mexico and I really appreciate your work, and more is it about The Beatles.

    A little request: PLEASE PLEASE make a tutorial of Ob la di Ob la da!

  12. is it possible for you to teach the song ‘nobody knows by the driver era’ ive been trying to learn it for forever but i can’t find the tabs

  13. Jean Constantineau

    B7 and Dm still give me problems so good song to practice them. Thanks Andy!

  14. Nice one Andy!

  15. Wow…I'm going to learn this…

  16. Call me a noob but…I first heard this when Metallica covered it for the bridge school concert or something similar. I downloaded the show which Had When a blind man cries, In my life, Diary of a madman.

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