The Beatles – Julia Acoustic Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Verse & Chorus

The Beatles - Julia Acoustic Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Verse & Chorus

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“Julia” was written by John Lennon (yet attributed to Lennon/McCartney) in 1968 while the group were studying meditation in Northern India.
John Lennon was taught how to play in the fingerpicking style known as “Travis Picking” by another famous guest at their India retreat, the singer Donovan.

Lennon took this simple fingerpicking pattern and turned it into gold with this absolutely beautiful and haunting acoustic ballad written for his deceased mother.

“Julia” contains lots of full and rich chord voicings and also employs a capo to great effect. This is one of my favorite Beatles tunes so I hope you enjoy it as well. Cheers! Carl..

Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown


  1. Hannah Paustain

    Awesome tutorial, verrrry nicely done! Those bar chords are quite difficult, but a new challenge (:

  2. It's hypnotic and so beautiful. McCartney was a better all around song Craftsman but he couldn't really take off his mask to show his inner feelings the way Lennon was able to. Put em both together and forgetaboutit. Nobody will ever touch them.

  3. muchas gracias !!!

  4. if youre having trouble playing, try sliding your capo down a few frets. the frets get closer together the further you go down the neck and youll have an easier time practicing the bar chords and chord changes in general. once you got it down, theyll still be hard to nail but should be a little easier playing capo II

  5. One of my best from guitarlessons365

  6. Cloeren Jackson

    Thanks for being the first tutor I've seen who explains the capo changes the key.

    If that isn't said and the tutor does "Now we'll play a G" the student misses it's a G shape, not a G, and I get confused because I'm thinking "A G with the capo there isn't the same shape as a G without the capo, so one of us is wrong". 🙂

  7. Pedro Alberto De Los Rios

    hola , sacaste la canciom otro tono o es el tono original en que la tocaron the beatles?

  8. alhec charlebois tejeda

    Half of what you is meaningless ahah no thank you so beautiful song

  9. Thank you so much or doing this it made the song so easy to understand. You rock! Very good job.

  10. good lesson..awsome

  11. John Lennon Fanatic

    Thanks for showing this could you please do a tutorial on John Lennon's Steel and Glass and Working Class Hero.

  12. Hah, got it!! Thanks!!

  13. this song kills my pinky finger…

  14. Great , I also sing this song !


  16. Thanks great Job!

  17. Long-Haired Luigi

    Thanks, I've been searching for this pattern as it's the exact same basic pattern that John plays almost each and every single acoustic song in later years he ever wrote and performed, including all the ones on Plastic Ono Band. 😉

  18. Great n lesson – thank you.

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