The Beatles "Let It Be" Guitar Solo Lesson

Guitar tab and chord sheet:

Hello friends,
and welcome to part two of my lessons series for The Beatles “Let it Be.” In this session, I’ll be breaking down George Harrison’s iconic electric guitar solo. We’ll begin with a full demonstration, then I’ll break it all down for you lick by lick and chord by chord. Let’s get started!

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  1. anyone listen to the OG the solo is not like that

  2. I quickly figured out you were from Philly. The accent is subtle, but I know it when I here it! Thanks for the lesson.

  3. Paul Maisonville

    Thanks Swift.Great lesson,great tone.Please keep them coming.God Bless


  5. but what about the other solo pieces after the main solo??????

  6. Was a little bit late with the beat in the beginning

  7. You are a superb teacher 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for this 🙂

  9. Brian Morgenstern

    Sorry daddy bear thats george this solo over dub was added as part of their last recording ever when paul george and ringo finalized i me mine. Lennon was not present and never did any lead work on this song.

  10. he speaks so fast that i had to put on 0.5x

  11. Vaillants Voyageurs

    My favorite version!! Great sound!

  12. Could you make another video for the single version? This is Lennon's solo that made it onto the album, and I would like to learn the one the Harrison played on the single version.

  13. andre edson lara

    estou absorvido na aula deste grande mestre de guitarra maravilhoso parabens

  14. Best and more detailed let it be guitar solo lesson ever! (is my English correct?) Thanks!

  15. Brilliant!! Thank you. So well explained. Which electric guitar to buy…

  16. Hi Mr Swift is this solo for G D Em C chord version? Sorry for my noop quétion.

  17. Sergio Poblete Echeverria

    Hola tremendo eres lo máximo gracias por entregar tanto talento…Saludos desde Chile.

  18. LoweMay_7 Salazar Villorente

    So friendly tutorial☺
    More power swiftlessons.

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