The Beatles Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

You can get the EXACT SAME GIBSON GUITAR as me right here:

Today I’m teaching you how to play Norwegian Wood by The Beatles on acoustic guitar! I’ll teach you how to play the riff played throughout the songs and help you out with a strumming pattern. Grab your capos and guitars and let’s start playing!

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Also, I have a ton of FREE courses at my site

  2. Wonderwall < Norwegian Wood

  3. got damn your beard is so luscious

  4. Hi Marty . I watsh your Lessons all the way in Germany. Excuse my Bad Englisch. But there is something i want to say. I am glad i found your Lessons. I Like the way you explane everything. Your Channel helps me to make my exerzise on guitar better….

  5. TheGoat LordGaming


  6. James Anderson

    That sounds great!

  7. Guitar Lessons

    Grand Video! Very glad I checked it out.

  8. Don't watch any other tutorials, this guy does it, as it is. Cock ups an all, top man

  9. Nick McAuliffe

    Hi MArty – I’v always absolutely loved this song since. Was a kid and always assumed I’d have no chance of being able to play, but your lesson was so clear that I’m going to tackle it today – thank you so much!!

  10. Great to see Gibson giving you such great support! Well deserved!

  11. Please do a lesson for Nowhere Man. Thank you!

  12. Started watching and learning from Marty 9 years ago, and he still uploads great lessons and content! Thanks Marty!!!

  13. Guitar Lessons

    Magnificent Video!I really like it! It helped me a lot!

  14. Are you using all downstrokes to follow the melody?

  15. Hey Marty! Loving your videos over in the UK and especially during isolation! Was wondering if you'd ever thought of doing a video on It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan? Would make one Brit very happy! Otherwise, hope you and everyone else is safe in these trying times!


  17. Hello, I have the melody down but I'm really having trouble understanding how to incorporate strumming at the same time. Anything anyone could help me with?

  18. Thanks, Marty. Very clear instruction of a Lennon classic. I'm getting closer to it each time I play it thanks to you. Have you considered an acoustic "We Won't Get Fooled Again" lesson?

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