The Beatles Rocky Raccoon Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

The Beatles Rocky Raccoon Guitar Lesson  (Easy Acoustic)

Learn McCartney and Lennon’s classic Rocky Raccoon by watching the quick and easy guitar tutorial!

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  1. Thank you so much for supporting MartyMusic! I also have a bunch of FREE courses at my site

  2. Benjamin Hermes

    Thank you! I didn’t think I was gonna learn a song today, then this came up in my feed.

  3. Bernard Cannell

    Marty my son would like to request carpet crawlers by Genesis cheers xxx

  4. Hit young Rocky in the eye, Rocky said I’m going to get that boy….

  5. Thanks bud. NIce easy lesson and to the point

  6. Daniel Gonçalves

    Hi, could you play Lights Of Home by U2?

  7. My favorite Beatles song

  8. what is it with your beard

  9. Rikesh Chhetri

    Sir please upload Queen's love of my life lesson also. Please

  10. Conner Mcconville

    ayo marty, good tune. can you do a how-to for the hotel california solo?

  11. Thank you Marty for the songs i teached from you.
    And also you can do all you need is love(song) 🙂

  12. More bob dylan!

  13. Corneliu Vadim Tudor

    Can you make a “Sweet Child’o mine” lesson by Guns’n Roses?

  14. Silviu Iordache

    Marty you look like Andy Serkis playing Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther. Thank you for the great guitar lesson!

  15. the_pedal_shifter 66

    Jesus is lord and marty played a secret chord that pleased the lord

  16. My favorite Beatles song, thank you Marty.

  17. Rowdy Buttowski

    Marty! You should do House of Gold By twenty one pilots.

  18. Julie Sedlackova

    please, do the Cheap day return by Jethro Tull!! I appreciate your work so much

  19. Love the song. Love the fact that you just showed me how to play it. Cant wait to get home and drive my wife nuts. Thanks.

  20. Please do a lesson on this charming man by the smiths (Aucoustic) please, it's my dad's favourite song and I want to play it for him on his birthday but all other lessons I found aren't very good

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