The Beatles – Something Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – All Chords, Rhythms & Fills

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In these free video guitar lessons you will learn “Something” by The Beatles. Besides being one of George Harrison’s best songs, it is also one of the greatest songs of the entire Beatles catalog.

In my opinion I feel the solo in “Something” is one of the greatest solos ever written. It fits the song so perfectly that you just can’t imagine anything being able to top it.

There are some nice chord progressions using 7th chords and some nice muting techniques. And the solo has some really nice 1st finger bends and excellent vibrato. It is an excellent study in playing a highly musical solo that perfectly fits the underlying chords.
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  1. Never imagined that original one could be this tough

  2. ad aeternam – voce Dei

  3. Great lesson but…..I think before to get to the solo the bass line is : C/B/A/G/E/D/C.

  4. It's great that you have taught this higher up the neck because George sings in a high range and it is necessary for me to have to transpose this down a note or two. It is easier to transpose from higher up the neck to lower down the neck. Thank you very much. Do you have a tutorial for Here Comes The Sun ?

  5. very similar to the rain song

  6. Thank you!!! You have good ears and knowledge. The Leslie speaker always threw me off on some parts. This is spot on!!!

  7. ouch the beatles played with the thumb over the top so the chord shapes make a lot more sense if you'd play with thumb the way you play it is kinda funny. but really great transcription

  8. jeez, do you have like a tab sheet??

  9. Skcarkden Z Produções

    Quais são as configurações? to the amp?

  10. That's it! That is how it's done!

  11. great lesson

  12. Great lesson well done, very easy to follow along.

  13. prettiest song the Beatles has along with here comes the sun,perfectly payed as always. Car is the best teacher in the world.

  14. Born Again Torinos

    I echo Badguitar. I really needed the tab. You are awesome.

  15. Best performance of Something on youtube, but I really, truly wish you'd provide tab, or at least list the chords. It's very difficult following your fingers. Frankly I just gave up. You'd make a good lesson a great one.

  16. Great lesson, especially chords played on higher frets..very interesting..Thanks a lot!

  17. the best stuff in the world

  18. Pretty cool tutorial (especially the am7/G bit), but there's an error – the second bass run in the bridge is C-B-A-G-E-D-C, not C-B-A-G-F-E. Just sayin' 🙂

  19. what type of settings you use on amp? trying to obtain that sound.

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