The Beatles – Ticket To Ride Guitar Lesson Tutorial ( how to play )


Ticket To Ride TAB, Chords, lyrics + help: ►►

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  1. Far past solid, really really good.

  2. hey that was a great tutorial ….thanks for posting!

  3. Dude, For the most part, I enjoy your videos. However, on this one you dropped the ball. How can you not include the small turnaround in this vid? Very disappointing!

  4. Excellent lesson! Could only have been improved if you'd added in the little solo turnaround instead of the low E thrash build up! Thank you!

  5. What model of gretsch is your guitar?

  6. Chester Evangelista

    the best guitar tutorial channel ive seen so far

  7. Btw on the recording the instruments are tuned down almost a full step. Kind of annoying if you ask me but probably benefits the singer in some ways lowers his range

  8. Great video, really easy to follow and I can play this song now!

  9. かっこいい!!!!!

  10. which level ?

  11. love your vids andy, just learnt to play yellow by coldplay with your tutorial including the capo

  12. Thanks for the vid. I am trying to watch a new video of yours everyday. I like the blues song "im the one" by Danzig..if you could do that one.

  13. Hey andy, thanks for the video

    I really like the dire straits and in specific money for nothing, could you make a video for money for nothing please?

  14. Thank you (:

  15. Best guitar tutorials on the Internet!

  16. neat vid

  17. wow

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