The Beatles – Twist and Shout Guitar Lesson

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In this Twist And Shout guitar lesson video, I will show you all the chords and solos in this rock classic that was one of The Beatles’ early hits.

The Beatles’ cover of “Twist and Shout” is by far the most popular version of the song. The guitar work is pretty simple so you will be playing it in no time. The guitar tuning in standard tuning.

At the beginning of the video, I will demonstrate a way to play the main verse riff of “Twist and Shout” that sort of combines John Lennon and George Harrison’s guitar parts. I will still teach each part individually as well.

One of the funnest parts to play of “Twist and Shout” is the solo section. Here, John Lennon and George Harrison play a dual lead guitar part where both of them are playing most guitar diads. When heard together it creates a nice big and flowing sound.

The ending of the song is really cool to, with an ascending chromatic guitar riff that resolves into a D9 chord.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this early rock classic from The Beatles!

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  1. Good one thanks.

  2. You have it nailed. The only thing I noticed about the ending was George played the open A String then ascended A # B C C# D , while John played Bar chords starting at A 5th fret ascending in unison with Georges single notes and ending on the 10th fret. .. Minor detail in the scheme of things. You have the skills my man.

  3. The best guitar teacher I saw on youtube

  4. Do more avenged sevenfold lesson please. Like Critical acclaim, Bat county, nightmare, afterlife, etc

  5. Si Humphrey hndi Marunong. Bien tanay

  6. whats with all the bar chords i was shown how to play it with open chords ??????

  7. Musiians seaking freinds


  8. thats a great lesson thanks

  9. Ferris

  10. - WellbornSeeker5 -

    Thx I luv ur vids they help me alot

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