The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps Guitar Lesson Justin Guitar Acoustic Tutorial

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In today’s lesson, we learn one of my favourite The Beatles tracks of all time, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. This acoustic version is in A Minor. We’re going to explore the chords, and then leave you with some tools to work out a chord melody.
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  1. Brilliant mate! Your best yet. Cheers for sharing

  2. Brilliant – I really love this song and with your tutorial I will finally manage to learn it ! Thanks a lot!

  3. Not sure if I like the sound of your new axe as much as the old matons.. at least on you tube.

  4. The guitar sounds soooo much better in the lesson than in the intro

  5. Quality Justin, so fluid as always love the little hammer ons and lift offs. Super

  6. Beautiful song. Looks a bit complicated to learn for me tbh. Will have a go though. Cheers mate!

  7. It's great, Justin. But yeah, you should maybe consider collaborating with some singer to do the vocal parts.
    I'm sure there would be lots of young talented folk willing to do it that your wife would okay. 😉

  8. Thanks Justin! I've been playing the Am version for a while but didn't know where/how to add in the melody notes. This helps tremendously!

  9. Maybe let someone else do the singing.

  10. Top lesson of a top song. Now to have a crack at Prince's amazing solo on the George tribute.. possibly one of the best guitar solos of all time from an incredibly underrated guitarist & much missed genius musician….

  11. Brilliant! Another great lesson. Would REALLY love to see you do a lesson for Here Comes the Sun!

  12. Hey, Justin can you please make a lesson for When Loves Comes to Town by U2 and B.B. King.

  13. Which came first? Guitar Gently Weeps or Babe I'm Gonna Leave You? Both are 1968…

  14. I’d save the singing though Justin 🙂 Guitar always great to listen to.

  15. Love it when you add the vocals! Well done sir!

  16. Justin, I think your teaching style has became more generous over time, less dogmatic in approach. Thanks, great lesson!

  17. Great lesson, great playing, and the tone on that guitar is killer.

  18. what guitar is that, and who do I have to punch in the face to get it?

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