The Beatles – YESTERDAY EASY Guitar Lesson Tutorial // Paul McCartney – how to play

The Beatles - YESTERDAY EASY Guitar Lesson Tutorial // Paul McCartney - how to play

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  1. Can you make a video on how to play hold on and hall of fame by chord overstreet and the script please I really want to learn those songs

  2. Sorry but what guitar Andy play its look nice

  3. This helped me sooo much thank you

  4. Torento Torento

    Can you teach iron man 3 theme from marvel please

  5. How long do you play the chord when playing finger style do you go through the pick strum strum 2 times or three?

  6. Frank Rodriguez

    how about road tripping by the red hot chilli pepers

  7. Eckermann School

    you got a friend in me plz. great song

  8. If I wanted to play this in A, how far would I have to tune the guitar down/would I use a capo instead?

  9. You are cheesy bro. Really cheesy, id just stop if I were this good.

  10. Hi Andy. I love your channel.
    When you're this good at playing the guitar or a certain song (you are great at both – as well as being a great teacher), is it easier to learn new songs/riffs because you are a good guitarist, or do you have to practice and learn new things just as much as a beginner would?
    In other words, does it become easier and quicker to learn new songs the better you get, or do you just get 'better' because you've learned more things?

  11. Loved the detuned version! Would love a video on Classical Gas – Mason Williams. Thanks.

  12. Hi Andy, I am your student and you're a magnificent teacher. You are doing a great job on "yesterday" , can you please do "I started a joke" by the Bee Gees? Greetings from Egypt.

  13. This is the original version of McCartney ?

  14. Hi Andy I love it can you do freelove freeway from David brentt/the office

  15. A+ Video

  16. Will do u a cover of Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello?

  17. Thanks for another great lesson wish I had a teacher like you when I tried to learn to play guitar 25 years ago I thought I just couldn't learn. Now I am 50 and finally learning to play turns out I just never found a good teacher. I know you probably get lots of request if you get a chance could you do a lesson on Keith Urban Only You Can Love Me This Way got my 32 wedding anniversary coming up in a couple months and would like to play it for my wife. Thanks again for all the great lessons you made an old man happy.

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